Science Online - PDF Viewer Overview


In Science Online, our PDF viewer dynamically displays diagrams and experiments. You can easily adjust the document display and navigate multiple pages.


PDF viewer document tools

The document tools are located at the top of the PDF viewer window.

PDF Viewer Tools

The page tools include:

  • Print
  • Page View tools:
    • Single Page - View one single page at a time.
    • Two Pages - View two pages side by side.
  • Fit Width - Fit the page to the window horizontally.
  • Fit Page - Fit the page to the window vertically.
  • Scale - Adjust the scale of the page by moving the slider or by typing the desired percentage in the text box.
  • Fullscreen - View in full screen.
  • Document Navigation tools:
    • Previous Page - Go to the previous page.
    • Current Page - Displays the page number you are currently viewing. You can type the number of the page you want to view.
    • Next Page - Go to the next page.
    • You can also use the right-side PDF window scrollbar to navigate through the pages
  • Select Text
  • Search - Search the PDF document


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