Health Reference Center - Using the BMI Calculator


In the Health Reference Center database, you can access the Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator from the Browse Resources menu on the Home page 

BMI menu

or through the Browse drop-down menu accessible under the search box at the top of any page.

BMI menu

To use the BMI Calculator

  • Choose a measurement Unit - Either English (Weight in pounds; Height in feet and inches) or Metric (Weight in kilograms; Height in centimeters)
  • Enter Weight
  • Enter Height
  • Click Calculate

The BMI calculation will be listed to the right in red. 

BMI Calculator

BMI Classifications are listed to the right of the calculator. You can look up the BMI to find the corresponding BMI classification.

BMI Classifications

Note: BMI reflects body weight rather than percentage of body fat, BMI results may not be accurate for people who are extremely muscular, children, adolescents, or the elderly. 

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