Using Google Save to Drive


The Save to Drive page tool allows you to easily save Articles and Images to Google Drive as editable Google Docs.  Once a Google Doc has been created in Google Drive, students can collaborate and mark up the document together.

Using the Save to Drive Page Tool

To use this feature, you are required to sign in to your Google account and to give Infobase permission to access your Google Drive.  You will also have to link your Infobase account with your Google Account.

Click on the Save to Drive page tool.


After you have signed in to your Google and your Infobase accounts, a "Save to Google Drive" pop-up will appear. 


After you click the Save to Drive button, a Confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on the View Record on Google Drive link to open your Google Drive in a new browser tab. 


Your newly saved Google Doc will be created inside a folder named "Infobase Databases." 



Please note: Timelines, Slideshows, Videos, Experiments, Diagrams and Lesson Plans cannot be saved to Google Drive.

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