Infobase Database Platform Partner Integrations


The Infobase Learning Online Database Platform includes these products:

  • American History Online
  • Modern World History Online
  • African-American History Online
  • American Indian History Online
  • Ancient and Medieval History Online
  • Science Online
  • World Religions
  • Health Reference Center
  • Bloom's Literature

This platform integrates with a variety of other products and partners. You can see the level of integration available for each of these products in the charts below. For more information about any of these integration options, please contact our Support team at

Configuration and technical support of the methods listed below all come at no additional cost to our customers.

Learning Management System Integration

With our partnered learning management systems and classroom tools, there are three levels of integration. The first level would be using our record URLs, which are authenticated links directly to a specific article or asset within a product. The next level is an embed code that provides simple HTML that can be inserted into any LMS to add embedded content. And finally, the highest level is some form of direct integration, such as an LTI app for a learning management system or a tool within the platform for sharing content directly to another service.

  • Google Classroom- Record URLs, Embed Codes, Direct Integration, Share to Google Classroom.
  • Canvas- Record URLs, Embed Codes, Direct Integration.
  • D2L- Record URLs, Embed Codes, Direct Integration.
  • Moodle- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Moodlerooms- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Blackboard- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Sakai- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Edmondo- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Schoology- Record URLs, Embed Codes, Direct Integration.
  • Itslearning- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Office365- Record URLs, Embed Codes.
  • Microsoft Sign-in
  • Google Sign-in

Discovery Services Integration

The chart below shows the Infobase Learning Database platform's integrations with our various partnered discovery services. The first level of integration, HTML search results, is commonly referred to as "screen-scraping" and indicates that the partner has access to the platform itself where they can harvest our meta-data. The second level of integration is using our search API. The search API indexes search results currently available in the platform and creates a customizable XML export - the partner then uses this export to integrate the data into their products. For additional information about how the Infobase API solution works, please click here to read a detailed help article.

  • Ebsco- HTML Search Results, Search API.
  • Softlink- Html Search Results, Search API.
  • ExLibris(a ProQuest Company)- Html Search Results, Search API.
  • Follett- Html Search Results, Search API.
  • ProQuest- Html Search Results, Search API.
  • Insignia Software- Html Search Results, Search API.
  • MuseGlobal- HTML Search Results.
  • OCLC- Search API*.

* Items marked with an asterisk are scheduled to be available before the end of 2020.  

Discovery Service

HTML Search Results

Search API







Muse Global






If you have any questions about integrations with the Infobase Database Platform's partnerships and integrations, or if there is anything else we can help with, please contact our database support department at

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