User Accounts


Setting up a user account, also known as a folder account, allows you to create personal folders to save content and search queries from your subscribed databases. You can also set personal preferences that will apply to the site whenever you are signed into your folder account.

To Create a New Account:

  1. Click on the My Research link in the top right corner of the web site. You will be directed to your Session save Folder.
  2. Click on the a Create a Personal User Account  link in the yellow box. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Choose one of the choices: Student, Teacher, Librarian, Admin, Library Patron, or Other.
  4. Enter a username. Your username must start with a letter and can be any combination of 3-16 letters and numbers.
  5. Enter your Email address. Please provide your Email so that we can send you a password reminder if necessary.
  6. Enter a Password. Your Password must be a minimum of 6 characters in length.
  7. Enter your password again to confirm it.
  8. If you selected Teacher, Librarian or Admin from the above choices, then you can choose to opt-in for Content Update Alerts to be sent to your email address.
  9. Click Create Account.


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