My Preferences Overview


If you have created a folder/user account, you can set personal preferences that will apply to the site whenever you sign into your folder account.

Folder Account Sign in

After you sign in to your folder/user account, your username will appear in place of the My Research link. Click on your username and you will see a drop-down with a My Research link, a My Preferences link, and a link allowing you to Sign Out.


Clicking on the My Preferences link opens a new page where you can select and save preferences. Current options include:

  1. Default language
  2. Default citation format
  3. Curriculum standards on/off, and if they are on, which standards to search by default
  4. Number of search results per page
  5. Sign up for Content Update emails
  6. Connected Social Accounts (Google Sign-in or Microsoft Sign-in)

Checking the Curriculum Standards or Content Update boxes will cause lists of additional options to display, such as which standard you'd like to set as the default.

Please note: Your personal account preferences will override any preferences set by your account administrator at the account level, as long as you are logged in to your folder account. Permission to connect your account to Social Media must be turned on by your account administrator.

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