Advanced Search Tips


Advanced Search can be accessed on any page through the Search Options drop-down menu located beneath the Basic Search box or through a link located in the page footer.


advanced search menu

 Using the Advanced Search Feature

  1. Type a search term or phrase into the search box. If desired, include "AND," "OR," or "NOT."
  2. Limit Results by Record Type: Choose to a record type to search. The records types vary according to database.
    • Articles, Primary Sources, Criticism, Literary Works, Images, Images & Diagrams, Experiments, Videos, News or Timelines
  3. Limit Articles by Type: Next select a sub-type from the second drop down menu. News records can be limited by a year rather than a sub-type. Criticism, Literary Works and Timelines do not have a secondary filter.
  4. After you have chosen your filters, click the Search button.


advanced search

 Advanced Search Results

On the search results page, you will land on the tab for your selected record type, and your results will be limited to your selected sub-type.


advanced search results


You can modify your results by choosing a different sub-type listed to the right of the search results.

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