History Cross Search Overview


The History Research Center enables you to search across the History and World Religion databases to which your institution subscribes.

Accessing the History Cross Search

There are two ways to access the History Research Center.

  1. On the upper right of the Available Resources page, click on the  List View link. The link to the History Research Center will be the first listed link. Click on this link.
    History Database Search link
  2. Click on the link More History Resources located in the upper right of all pages next to the More Infobase Resources link.
    Search Other History Databases link

Using the History Cross Search

  1. Type a search term or phrase into the search box. If desired, you can use the Boolean operators "AND," "OR," or "NOT."
  2. All boxes are checked by default. Uncheck or check the boxes next to the databases that you would like to search.
  3. Click the blue magnify glass search button or press enter to execute your search.



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