World Religions Online - Sacred Texts Overview


The World Religions Online database features a selection of Complete Sacred Text eBooks.  Sacred Texts can be accessed from the resources drop-down menu at the top of every page or from the resources section of the Topic Center pages. They can also be found through search under the Primary Sources tab. In the Sources section, the Complete Sacred Text eBooks are listed under the Books tab.


Sacred Text Index Page

A complete list of Sacred Texts are listed on the Sacred Text Index page. 

Sacred Text Index Page


You can filter the texts by religion. Click on a text to view the eBook. The eBook opens in the eBook platform in a new tab.

Sacred Text Index Page


eBook Record Detail Page

Complete Sacred Texts eBooks are listed under the books tab on Sources page. When you click on a Sacred Text title, you go to an eBook Record Detail page.  This page features information about the text. 

Click the View Now button to open the eBook in a new tab.

Sacred Text detail page

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