Bloom's Literature - Shakespeare Center Overview


Bloom's Literature's Shakespeare Center includes in one convenient location a variety of content on all things Shakespeare—including detailed analysis and scholarly criticism; the full text of all of his plays; the full text of the award-winning Facts On File Companion to Shakespeare; performance videos; extensive background; research and writing advice; discussion questions; and more.


Accessing the Shakespeare Center

On the right hand side of the Bloom's Literature home page, there is a Shakespeare Center pod. Click on the Go to Shakespeare Center link or the image of Shakespeare. 


You can also access the Shakespeare Center from any page in Bloom's Literature by clicking Browse and then Shakespeare Center under Special Features .



Shakespeare Center Features

The Shakespeare Center has two parts.

  • Background on Shakespeare - a section on the right of the page contains links to articles about William Shakespeare.


  • The central part of the Shakespeare Center contains a section on each of Shakespeare's plays, along with sections for his sonnets and longer poems.

Coverage of each play includes:

  • Introduction and background
  • Detailed synopsis
  • In-depth character studies
  • Difficulties of the play
  • Analysis of key passages
  • Critical articles by noted scholars, selected by Harold Bloom
  • The play today
  • "How to Write about" article
  • Discussion questions
  • The full text of the play
  • Full-length performance videos;
  • Images and illustrations


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